Our Providers

Why look anywhere else? Don't browse 100's of site, the best are here for your choosing!

For several years I have been looking for those that are specially talented. It didn't matter if I was doing a karaoke show or attending an event held by another provider, I would make notes and even make personal contact with those that I found to be very talented in their craft. Whether they were singers, tribute artists, specialty crafts like face painting and even audio/visual technicians, I always thought it would be great to put together a group of such talented people and make them available through one web site rather than making people search many sites.

Below is a slideshow of the providers we currently have on this site. You can use the links in our menu to view their individual sites in a new window and hear their music or see samples of the work they offer work and have done. Feel free to browse through all of them.

All of Our Current Providers

In the menu link above "SERVICES OFFERED" you can find links to all the providers own web site(s) by clicking on their links. Each link opens in a new window.