Recording Sessions and Disc Services


If you have been singing karaoke and wondered what it would be like to have a CD of your own voice, we can assist you there. You can make an appointment to discuss the options for recording by clicking on the email form link below. To give you a basic idea of a typical recording session, as long as you know your songs well enough to sing them through one time with no mistakes, you should be able to record 10-15 songs in one hour. We do NOT mix the songs during your hour. Mixing along with the label design, printing and packaging is all done after the recording hour is completed allowing you the maximum number of recorded songs. After the mixing is done we will supply you with not 1 but 10 copies of your CD burned on "Water-Shield" water resistant discs that have extremely high quality store bought style printing on the discs. Click on the link below to get more information on setting up your own recording session.

Price: $75 per hour ....... To request more details about this service and fill out the form with your requests.


If you are concerned about your favorite Karaoke CD+g discs, we can provide you with a backup copy of the disc. And after the disc is burned on special "Water-Shield" discs, a very high quality label is burned onto the disc surface with a special printer using water resistant inks. The finished product will not only look just like you bought it in the store but as good as the original and it will be water resistant.

Special orders are available. Compilations of your favorite tunes from various CD's can be created and the songs adjusted for the key you sing in. Contact us for more details.

Back up copies ...Price: $10 per disc flat rate (exact copy disc placed in either an envelope or a thin jewel case).

Compilation discs ...Price: $2.50 per song w/10 song minimum. You can fit 20-25 of your favorite songs per disc depending on the length of songs you choose.